There are no limits on the amount of urls you can create.
Yes you can password protect your shortened URLs. When creating the url, select OPTIONS and specify a password within the password field. Visitors will be prompted to enter the password when they visit your url.
As a registered user you can view all your URL details and stats from your dashboard. You can also publicly view URL stats by adding .s onto the end of your short url.
Having a registered account gives you access to your own management dashboard. You can view and manage all of your shortened URLs from the 8short dashboard. Easily view statistics and share your urls as a registered user.
Absolutely! When creating your shortened URL select the OPTIONS button and enter a unique string or name for your short URL.
The free 8short url shortener posts all shortened URL\'s on our homepage by default. If you wish to keep your short URL private you can select OPTIONS during creation and select URL Type Private during creation.